Embraced by the Goddess

I’m moving.  I was sitting and contemplating my to do list this morning when I felt the presence that happens at times and interrupts my focus.  I felt the physician with me. He hasn’t come to me in a long time, since I started calling the incident at the birth sexual abuse.  Intended or not, it was traumatic for me.  Either […]

Modern Interference: A Screenplay

Script-Modern-Interference-short v7 A mothers quest to unravel her experiences, the real and unreal, when technology acts up. She must rely on friends and family to navigate or risk going over the edge into madness.   Script Modern Interference  Script-Modern-Interference-short v5  Script-Modern-Interference-short v3  Script-Modern-Interference-short v2 (1)    Script-Modern-Interference-short

Divine Romance – Romance Writing with God

The Divine romance book appeared on my hard drive.  I’d remembered writing a version in 2010 that lost the Ohio Romance Writer’s – Flame Contest.  In fact, I’d placed dead last. They said my hero was a cad, and my heroine unconvincingly innocent.  When the book showed up on my hard drive I opened it up curiously. I couldn’t remember […]