Medical Trauma and the things I’ve tried to “get over it”

I just can’t rid myself of this affliction.  I’ve tried everything to forget the memory of the physician’s touch and his presence in my sacred space. #metoo #healthcarereform #personcentered #nomoreconstructs Running from it. Makes me cry. Makes me feel like a monster.  Like I’ll never deserve to be loved in this life. #metoo Running into it. Brings it back […]

2017 Eclipse

The sun was high in the sky as I drove away from the beach. Jamie sat next to me on our trip home to New York City.  I’d rented a car to pick her up from a YMCA camp near the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey and we’d driven up to visit Dr. Mitchel’s family at their annual beach […]

Durga’s Plot

Durga’s Plot While I was coming to grips with my new understanding, and the intensity of the grandiose idea of God’s love; the messages continued. From a combination of the text on the screen, music on the radio, and my thinking I came to believe that Durga and the angels of heaven or Gods, depending on what religion you used […]